PVOL Rental Agreement

I accept for use, as is, the equipment listed on this form, and accept full financial responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in my possession.  I will be responsible for the replacement, at full value plus 30%, of any equipment rented under this form which is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not returned to Pine Valley Outdoor Living.  I agree to return all rental equipment by the agreed time and date or I shall incur a late fee of $25.

I understand that the sport of paddling, and other related water activities involve inherent and other risks of INJURY and DEATH.  The risks include but are not limited to: physical exertion, inclement weather, capsizing of watercraft, immersion in water, hypothermia, accidents or illness in remote areas, equipment failure and malfunction, drowning, and loss or damage to personal property.  I voluntarily agree to expressly assume all risks of injury or death that may result from the use of this equipment.  I agree to use the equipment only in the specified and agreed upon area discussed between myself and Pine Valley Outdoor Living.  I further agree to wear an approved personal flotation device at all times and  I confirm that I am physically fit to operate and use said equipment and that  I understand the equipment’s use and function.

I agree to release Pine Valley Outdoor Living, its employees, owners, volunteers, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, and the manufacturers and distributors of the equipment from all liability for injury, death, property loss and damage which results from the equipment user’s participation, or is in any way related to the use of this equipment, including all liability which results from the negligence of providers, or any other person or cause.  I further agree defend and indemnify providers for any loss or damage, including any that results from claims or lawsuits of personal injury, death and property loss and damage related in any way to the use of this equipment.

With respect to group rentals, the undersigned lessee hereby represents and warrants that he/she has secured the consent of all users of the equipment being leased to assume all risks of injury, loss or damage resulting from or related to the use of this equipment and to release Pine Valley Outdoor Living, from all liability as provided above.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand this equipment rental & liability release agreement.