About Us

Pine Valley Outdoor Living or “PVOL”, as the staff likes to say, is a sister company to Pine Valley Landscaping which has served Walker County for over 30 years! Owner, Richard Gregory, wanted to bring his vision for fun on the lake to life and launched Pine Valley Outdoor Living with the help of his General Manager, Ella Banks.  Together they opened the business in the spring of 2017. The main concept for the business was to enable people to get outdoors and enjoy great exercise and take part in all the amazing benefits the near by Lewis Smith Lake has to offer.  To this end, Rich and Ella began renting out kayaks, paddle boards, knee boards and numerous (and sometimes outrageous) rafts that are pulled behind boats.

Seeing instant success in the new endeavor, Rich decided to prolong the season of fun in the sun, and began selling ATV’s during the fall season.  It’s always a good sign when the ATV’s line up out in the front parking lot letting everyone know the holidays and all the fun that comes with the winter season is upon us!  It’s now become a staple that transitions Pine Valley Outdoor Living from Summer to Fall!

Late in the summer season of 2020 PVOL began it’s first ever paddle board yoga class!  The classes are designed to be 5-10 people in size and are conducted at various locations throughout Smith Lake and other smaller lakes in the area. The schedule fluctuates based on attendance and weather, but so far the concept has really taken off! 

PVOL staff is already working on new ideas and offerings for 2021 to include guided kayak and paddle board group classes on the lake, bringing in super exciting new rafts and pull behinds for kids of all ages, and more!  We can’t wait for our customers to enjoy what we have in store for them next year!! 

So give PVOL a call today and see what we can do to help enhance your fun in the sun on our beautiful Lewis Smith Lake!

For more info call (205) 221-PINE (7463)